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Wash and Roll Fundraising

Is your nonprofit or school looking for a fundraising idea? Wash and Roll partners with many organizations in order to help raise funds for a great cause!

How it Works:

Wash and Roll implements the 50/50 Fundraiser. Your organization will receive 100 car wash tickets from Wash and Roll valued at $10 each. Your organization will sell the tickets at the full price. At the end of a 30 day period your organization pays $5 per ticket sold to Wash and Roll and keeps $5 per ticket sold. If at the end of the 30 day period your organization would like additional car wash tickets to continue the fundraiser, Wash and Roll will provide more tickets to you at that time. Wash and Roll limits nonprofits to two fundraisers per year.

Requirements for your organization:
-Must be a nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) classification.
-Must fill out the online application in order to be considered for a  fundraiser with Wash and Roll.
-Must complete the fundraiser in 30 days, unless an extension is agreed  upon.
-Must turn in half of the profits raised at the end of the 30 day period to  Wash and Roll.

For more information about partnering with Wash and Roll for your next fundraiser, please email info@washandrollnc.com.

To be considered for a fundraiser with Wash and Roll, please fill out and submit the Online Fundraiser Request.
Download Fundraising Agreement